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Are you grant ready?

In the nonprofit community, we frequently hear this question.

Do you know what it requires to be “grant ready?”

A. There are several organizational documents needed before you apply for a grant:

  • 501(c)(3) determination letter

  • EIN or Tax ID number

  • Proof of Good Standing with the State

  • Listing of Board Members with contact information

  • Current year budget

  • Financial reports

  • Sometimes: W-9 form, DUNS number, UEI number

B. In addition, narrative documents to have ready are:

  • Organizational history or summary

  • Project description

  • Project impact in the community

  • Outcomes and how you plan to document the impact

C. As you prepare to apply for funding:

  • Review the application guidelines thoroughly to make sure your project fits

  • Know the funding entity: what do they support and at what level

  • Realize that each funding opportunity is unique, and you must revise the organization’s information for each application

Section A: Not all funders will need each of the seven documents listed, but there will be a mix of any or all. Always know where these documents are located and have them easily accessible. Keep the Board Members listing updated and accurate and financial reports current.

Section B: These are the narratives documents that should be revised for each application submitted and tailored to the focus of the funder.

Section C: These are reminders. In addition, ALWAYS meet deadlines and don’t include any additional links or attachments unless you’re asked for them. Lastly, have someone review your application for grammar or punctuation errors. Also, it is good to have someone outside of your organization review the application. This creates the opportunity for clarification. At times, we are so close to the subject that we forget to adequately explain things. A person reading from outside can identify any information that isn’t clear to a person hearing about your organization for the first time.

Questions are always free at NonprofitGO. If you’d like more information, don’t hesitate to contact us.


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